Welcome 2020!!

The new year feels great already. I’ve been busy catching up on admin, updating my website with new work, photographing work, applying for shows and generally planning and plotting for the year ahead. The above photo is of one of my most recent screenprints, that i finished at the end of last year. Us two depicts a pair of lovely Turnstones, i’ve just listed it and here is the link  https://liztoole.co.uk/product/us-two/

Us Two is available in 3 colourways, i did my usual and printed way too many colour tests resulting in me narrowing it down to three choices.

Once i’m all up to date i’m planning to pick up the paint brushes again, i loved painting at the end of last year and was very lucky to complete lots of lovely commissions. My website will be updated with new bird paintings on wood and my galleries will be re-stocked, can’t wait!! Then it will be on to new prints….

Over and out for now….