Painting on wood update…

Gosh its cold up here. I’ve set up a temporary studio in Shropshire until Christmas. My current studio view looks out onto Shropshire fields which makes a lovely change from the centre of Brighton.

I’ve been busy packing lots of lovely Christmas orders, thank you! and concentrating on new bird paintings. A lot of the paintings are miniatures, i’ve been saving up my small collected pieces of driftwood especially. The miniature paintings will be available first on instagram and facebook at 8pm  tonight and then through here along with some extra new paintings. I’ve still have a couple of commissions to finish which i’m really looking forward to, the wood has been chosen and they are now ready for a Goldfinch and a Woodcock.

Just to confirm again my last dates for posting are –

Friday 20th December 1st class.

If you miss getting your order in before this date do not fret there is an option of special delivery which is Monday 23rd December ( this will be an extra charge )  Any questions about my work or deliveries don’t hesitate to ask.

I’ll be working through the holidays this year so will continue posting orders out as usual from 26th December.

Thanks so much folks!!