The inspiration behind how i started to paint birds on pieces of wood.

I hope everyone is well!!

I thought you might be interested in reading how i got into painting bird on wood …

Following a ceramics degree Liz lived in Africa for 17 months, this is where she truly fell in love with birds.

Whilst running a kayak safari business on lake Malawi and living in a hut above a village where trees grew through the veranda, Liz would watch the birds every day.

Previous to this while working in Zimbabwe organising and driving 4×4 tours through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia Liz was also inspired by a group of female painters called The Weya Women. They painted everyday scenes on objects and pieces of wood. She was also heavily inspired by the incredible artwork by The Bushmen of The Kalahari.

On returning to the UK in 1999, Liz had an idea to paint bird’s on pieces of wood.
Liz had her first exhibition in a restaurant in Hove in 2002 of bird paintings on wood.
It was a huge success and nearly a sell out show.
In 2005 Liz made art her full time career.

Liz is now a painter and printmaker, showing her work in galleries all over the UK.
In the future Liz would love to work alongside The RSPB and or BTO on an Artists Residency.

Liz currently lives in Shropshire, all of the wood she uses she personally collects from various places including, Dorset, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales and Sussex.


Thanks so much for reading. This photograph is Maggy the Ruff who is currently available.

Liz x