Swooping Swallows

I’ve been busy painting a collection of birds for https://www.wills-art.com/

I was very exited to be asked if i would like to show my work with them. They will also be showing a collection of my limited edition print’s

Here you can see a new collection of flying Swallows, love watching their swooping’s in the surrounding fields and listening to their chitter chatter in the stables below my studio where they are nesting. I’ve always thought they look like flying fish. A couple of these will be added to my website soon.

I’ve been really enjoying painting some larger pieces, can’t wait to show you them.

I’m currently working on a series of Heron paintings, such a magnificent bird to paint. I’ve been watching one from my gym whilst on the treadmill. The treadmill is next to a window looking out to a large pond, he’s always busy fishing in it.

My next posting orders day is Monday 12th July.

Following this Friday 16th July.

Thanks so much everyone!