New miniature and small paintings on wood

I’m back!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather… I’ve been on a glorious camping trip, lots of beach action and cooking dinner in the rain, it was ace.

So….. I have a lovely collection of miniature and small paintings on wood that will be available later this month.The photograph shows a taster of some of the paintings that will be available. They will be offered exclusively first to all of my lovely newsletter followers. I don’t have the miniatures for sale very often and when i do they usually get snapped up before i can even list them, prices usually start at around £15.

If you would like to receive my newsletter this is the link     

I won’t bombard you wth emails, i’ll send out 1 newsletter a month max and will defintely make it worth your while in the form of exclusive offers and treats along the way!

In other news i’ve been hand printing packaging for all of my lovely orders and sales at shows, next its greetings cards, so exciting. The studio looks completely different now i’ve swapped over from panting into lino printing. Loving it!!

That’s that for now. Take care and stay safe xx