Discount on greetings cards during lockdown

I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe. I’m very lucky as i can continue to work during lockdown, i live next door to my studio. I’ll be keeping my online shop open and posting orders out twice a week. If your order is urgent, just get in touch and let me know. Again i’m very fortunate as my local post office is just across the road. I’m hugely grateful to Royal Mail and everyone that work’s there, its because of them that my little business has kept going and is still able to operate. Thank you!!

I’ve just updated my website, there is now an extra discount on packs of 10 greetings cards. I’m also currently offering free postage on my greetings cards of packs of 5 or more.

A packs of 5 cards works out at £2.50 a card.

Packs of 8 cards £2.30 each.

Packs of 10 cards just £2 each. I’ll continue this offer for as long a i have cards in stock!

Thanks everyone. Take care, stay safe, look after yourself. Big love Liz and Mable Toole xx