Happy New Year everybody!!! Lets hope this year is a little bit kinder to us all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazing support last year. Social media has definitely become a bit of a life line, especially when i’ve had moments of feeling isolated.

Anyway… i’m back and already planning this year. I’ve had a few days off which was lovely but actually quite hard to settle into as i’m now not really used to having time off.

My last paintings of 2020 were a small collection of white peacocks, i loved painting them. Due to the size of peacocks the paintings were all details. This one is called The Prince of Feathers. He’s painted on a lovely piece of reclaimed Shropshire wood.

My first project is to paint a collection of birds for the lovely Mostyn gallery in Llandudno for their exhibition The Birds and The Bees. I’ll be painting birds that can be found in the area. They will also be showing a collection of my unframed and framed prints  https://www.mostyn.org/

Following on from this i’ve got a bit of a treat as i’m going to make a carving that is then going to be cast in bronze! I haven’t yet decided which bird i’m going to carve and I haven’t created anything in 3.D for a very long time ( i did a HND and BA Honours degree in ceramics ) I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

AND I’ve designed my next print which is a nigh time scene featuring a starling.

Take care everyone and Thank you so very much!!

Liz xx