Commissions and gallery paintings

A HUGE Thank you to everyone that bought a piece for #supersecondsaturday It was a hugely successful event, thank you all so much. It took me 4 days to package all of your orders up, so sorry if your parcel didn’t arrive super quickly.

I’ve been busy painting work for commissions and future gallery shows. This photo shows my most recent paintings of a collection of Sandpipers, Raymond, Grace, Frederique and Tony, 3 of these pieces are commissions and 1 will be heading to a gallery. Next on the list is love Sanderlings.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea for a bird painting commission, i’m very friendly.

Overseas orders – I’ve been posting out a few overseas orders recently. My website doesn’t currently accept overseas orders but i can arrange these personally for you. Just let me know which piece you are interested in, where you’d like it posting too and i will get a postage quote for you!

Thanks so much everyone xx