** Brand new miniature paintings available next month**

I hope everyone is well. My miniature and small paintings have been hugely popular, quite often they don’t ever get to reach my website as they fly off via social media super duper quick. I’ve decided for those of you who don’t do social media i though i could offer them through my website first. If you join my Newsletter you’ll get a first exclusive chance to buy them. They make great presents due to their size and price, it doesn’t have to be a present for someone else it could just be a present to yourself! I’ve painted a lovely collection so far, just a few Robins and Blue Tits to add.

This is the link if you would like to join my Newsletter https://liztoole.co.uk/newsletter-sign-up/

I’ve been creating my last collection of bird paintings on wood before i get stuck into printing. I am in love with Dippers, i’ve been giving them gypsy names and including their meanings which have become an important part of their characters

This is a particular favourite, his name is Menowin meaning strength, courage, i hope you love him as much as i do!

Once again Thank you so much for all of your orders.

My next posting day is Wed 15th July.

** I’m away for a few days at the end of the month. Orders will not be posted out between 30th July – 6th August. If you would like to place an order while i am away please do. I’ll post it on my return.

Thanks everyone, stay safe xx