Back in the print studio ….

At last, it feels like its been way too long, i’m now back in the print studio for awhile. Its always best to warm up with some small printing if you’ve had a little break. I started with some packaging, great fun and i’m really pleased with the results. Next was some A4 notebooks, they are now live –  i’ve only printed 20 of these so they are rather limited edition. Next on the list was a 2 colour mini screenprint, photo above, its also available in pink I’ve just started a medium sized 6 colour print in readiness for a big one, i think the big one is going to be another seascape with a gorgeous turquoise sea.

I’m planning a mini road trip to New Brewery Arts in Cirencester and The Mulberry Tree in Dorset next weekend to drop off some new work in readiness for the Summer.

The Summer show at The Number 4 Gallery in Berwickshire is coming up, i need to create some new bird paintings on wood for that, The New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham are also waiting for some paintings.

That’s it for now, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!!