Super Seconds Saturday. Newsletter Treats. Holidays Dates

I’m sure every time i write a post i comment on how busy i’ve been, but…. i have been SO busy!! It’s all good though and i’m very grateful.

So, i’m taking part in another fabulous Super Seconds Saturday. This is an online event via instagram #superecondssaturday and then sales for this will be taken via my own website where i will sell hugely discounted paintings and prints ( at least 50% off ) The prints are either samples or slight seconds, some of which have an amazing 70% discount. There will also be bird paintings on wood, framed paintings and screenprints on wood.

The date is 2nd October. Everything included will be available via a dedicated page, this is it. Its currently empty but everything will magically appear when its time.

Have you signed up to my Newsletter yet? If not, i highly recommend you do. My next newsletter is being sent out on Friday October 2nd, it will include not 1 BUT 2 treats. I want to thank everyone for following me on my journey and for supporting me through our recent very difficult times. One of the teats is connected to SSS and i think you will like it, its very exclusive ( wink wink ) so get signing up, seriously, you don’t want to miss this one

So, this is where you can find out all about SSS and all of the fabulous makers taking part

The painting you can see here will be included in SSS. Its called Autumn Flight, it was painted in 2006 and will be listed as half price.

Mable and i are having a little holiday in North Wales. Any orders placed after 3pm on Thursday 23rd October will then be posted on Friday 1st October. If you’d like to place your order while i am away, i’ll acknowledge it and then it will be waiting for me when i get back. If its urgent, get in touch and i’ll put you in touch with a gallery that might be able to help.

Thanks everyone, i really hope you like my Newsletter treats!! You’ve all been amazing and i wouldn’t be doing this without your amazing support. You rock xx