Off on a wood collecting mission…

I’ll be out of the studio for a few days this coming week. I’m off on a big wood collecting mission. I haven’t completely used all of my wood stock but it is getting low. I haven’t been able to collect any for 7 months, can’t wait!! I’m not sure if you knew but i collect nearly 100% of the wood i use for my paintings myself.

Any website orders received by 5pm on Sunday 18th April will be posted on Monday 19th April.

Any orders received after 5pm Sunday 18th April will then be posted on Monday 26th April.

Normal posting will resume from Monday 26th April. If your order is urgent get in touch and then i could put you in touch of one of the galleries that shows my work to see if they can help you. If you would like to place an order while i am away please go ahead and then it will be waiting for me on my return.

So happy for all of the lovely galleries that are once again open, its been a long lockdown, lets hope my lockdown brain manages to keep up. I’m sure a few days collecting wood along an estuary will be the bestest tonic ever.


Many thanks,

Liz xx