New large paintings on wood.

I hope everyone enjoyed August. I had a little holiday, camping with friends in Wales and then onto Brighton to finally pack up my studio there. So its officially Bye Bye Brighton, the end of an era as i lived there for 20 years!!

I’ve been busy topping up work for my galleries and also completing lots of lovely commissions.

I’m currently working on series of very large paintings, inspired from a lovely series of commissions earlier in the year. I’ve loved painting on a much larger scale and purposefully been collecting very large pieces of wood. I brought 3 back from Brighton, 2 of these have been shelves in my studio for many years.

The piece you see here is my longest yet measuring 1.2 meters long and featuring 20 Sanderlings. There is a subtle purple running through this lovely strip of wood which was only revealed once i had sanded it. This piece also has curves in it which adds beautifully to the movement to the birds.

Just a couple more weeks of painting and then finally back to printmaking for a bit, can’t wait.

Thanks so much everyone for your continued support and lovely orders x