New framed category now available AND small painting on wood giveaway!

I’ve been busy, i never seem to get enough done even though i work in my studio full time. Time is weird at the moment, the days just seem to disappear, i think its the groundhog day effect….

Anyway…. i’ve just added a framed category to my website which is rather exciting. There is currently 12 framed pieces available right now to post out. I’m just including small and medium frames as larger ones are tricky to post. I can hand deliver my large frames if you are local to me in Shropshire. Also is their a print you’d like to get framed that isn’t currently available? i’m able to take orders as my excellent framer in Whitchurch is still framing, there might be a couple of weeks to wait, but it is possible, just get in touch.

Here is the link to my framed prints available. All of the prices include postage to a UK address –

This screenprint is Right By Your Side, its available framed and unframed. This is the framed link. Its a gorgeous handmade floated frame, to highlight the gorgeous paper. its made locally, At Home Framing in Whitchurch –

Thanks again for all of your fabulous orders, my next posting orders day is Friday 12th February, my birthday!

I’m going to do a giveaway on social media to celebrate my birthday, to win a small painting on wood. I think we are all in need of little treats. I’ll be doing this on Friday.

Take care everyone and keep warm, my studio is beyond Freeeeeeezing x