A collection of Robin paintings on wood

I hope everyone is well. I’m at one of those stages that i’ve got so much going on/to do, it feels like i’m not getting anywhere. Its all positive though in a crazy busy kind of way…

I’ve been painting collections of my birds on wood again for some of the galleries that represent me and for my website. I’ve been painting lots of Robins, they are such a joy to paint. Today it was the turn of the Wren, another favourite. I’ve had quite a few commissions too, which has been very lovely. I’ve been slowly working my way through these…

I’m getting a new tea towel printed AND a cotton canvas bag of my lovely screenprint Home, I’ve received samples of both and they are looking fabulous, so exciting!

There should now be a collection of new Robin paintings in my paintings shop. This is the lovely Dorothea, a detail of a Robin and one of my recent favourites. This is the link to her page https://liztoole.co.uk/product/dorothea-robin-detail/

More updates to come soon. Don’t forget if you have an idea for a bird painting on wood you’d like to commission me to paint don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m very friendly.

Stay safe out there folks xx