Lots of gallery deliveries and a new print on the way…

I’m back from a very successful gallery delivery road trip right down South, i went as far as Penzance! We did get to visit lots of lovely beaches along the way too.

Lots of lovely new work has now been delivered too –

Baxters gallery, Dartmouth. The Mulberry Tree, Swanage. Fisherton Mill, Salisbury. And finally The Eastgate gallery Totnes who are now showing a collection of my cards.

I also will now be showing for the first time at The Lighthouse Gallery in Penzanace, its a gorgeous space filled with artists work whom i admire. I’m very excited to be showing here.

I’m properly back in the printing zone, i’m now halfway through my reuction linocut, just another 2 colours to print. Its been incredibly difficult and tested me to the max, reduction lino requires your head to be in a completely different printing zone. I did a 2 day course last year as a treat to myself, I’m so glad i did, its helped me immensley.  I usually show work in progress photos but i thought i do a big reveal at the end for this one, its looking really good, it features a Robin. I’ve been printing on gorgeous Japanese Ho Shoo paper, completely different to anything i’ve used before. I don’t have a printing press so have been using a wooden spoon, the resluts are fantastic, it just takes a bit more time. You have to be quite Zen like when burnishing with a wooden spoon, especially as i’ve printed 50! Even pulling the print from the lino when it has been burnished with the wooden spoon has to be done incredibly slowly or creases appear in the paper. I won’t get 50 prints at the end, a few of these are tests along the way. Very very excited to show you the results!!

In other news new cards will be added to my collection soon, i just need to put some time aside to carefully choose some images, i’m planning to use some of my paintings on wood as designs.

This photo is one of my recent Robins, Chadwick, he was a special one for sure.  He’s very lucky as he’s going to be living on a boat!

A massive thank you for all of your lovely orders recently, my Newsletter has been relly well received. I send out 1 a month max, here is the link if you fancy joining – https://liztoole.co.uk/newsletter-sign-up/

My next website orders will be posted on Wednesday 16th September.

That’s it for now. Over and out. Stay safe folks x