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New paintings and news…

I hope everyone is well. Fingers crossed for a little bit of freedom on the horizon. I’ve been very busy, properly loving and immersing myself in lots of lovely new paintings. My website has just had a little update of mostly small paintings, this is Glenn, he didn’t hang around for long and will be […]

Commissions and gallery paintings

A HUGE Thank you to everyone that bought a piece for #supersecondsaturday It was a hugely successful event, thank you all so much. It took me 4 days to package all of your orders up, so sorry if your parcel didn’t arrive super quickly. I’ve been busy painting work for commissions and future gallery shows. […]

The Lesser Spotted Toole

An exceptionally rare sighting of The Lesser Spotted Toole. She is most commonly seen on a very snowy day, they believe this particular breed is drawn out of her studio hibernation by the sheer brilliance of the white snow. They cannot resist it. The crown is capped black with a flash of of yellow across […]

New paintings on wood

I’ve been busy painting new collection of bird paintings, next up a real favourite to paint, starlings. This is Patiently She’s painted on a lovely piece of weathered Shropshire reclaimed wood. This piece is part of a new collection of paintings on wood for the lovely They’ve had a lovely flurry of sales recently […]